Drive of photos from Teacher Mendy classes Spring '23

Wednesdays 10:30-12:30 Gr. Middle/High

Mountain View Library teen room 585 Franklin St. Mountain View 94041

Literature Circle

Course description:

Literature circles are different than book clubs.  They are not just a discussion about the book or novel,  but a analysis of the work. There is typically a theme over the course of a semester with specific discussion topics during each session, like symbolism, theme, perspective, or characterization. Students use critical thinking skills to evaluate, connect and synthesize the information.  In culmination, to express what they've learned, students will be asked to prepare a final project about the main topic of the semester.

Fall '23 semester will include a deep dive into exploration of the Hero's Journey. They will participate in discussion topics about the Heroic journey monomyth, how characters act heroically and change over the course of the text, manipulate the ideas of the monomyth to think about their own Heroic Journey myth.  Weekly themes will include those on Courage, Perseverance, Kindness, and Selflessness.

Coursework typically includes about 1.5 hours of reading or listening per week to be prepared for group discussion.

Suggested Donation $150 for the semester.

Register Here: https://classes-field-trips.cheddarup.com

I've taken a training this past year in literature circle leading and will be bringing in Lit Circle roles for the kids to engage and lead eachother.

Literature Circle Roles:

samples of typical roles in a lit circle, these roles have more details and may or may not be relevant to every book we read.  

Reference link for more details:


Ateam Cupertino: 20920 McClellan Rd, Cupertino, CA 95014

Registration Link: https://ateamhomeschool.com/register-for-class/

Mondays 10:40-11:50 gr. Middle/High

Project Based Learning Board Game Design

Course Description

Students will work on challenges relating to everyday life, that use elements of all the core subjects to complete.  

Fall '23 semester will be designing a Board Game.

Students will learn some history of board games.  Recreate our own copies of some games from history to play together in class, and explore game mechanics of some games throughout more modern times. Together we will explore: purpose of the game, learning through play, theme, aesthetics, physical components (pawns, cards), game mechanics (movement, collaboration, strategy) and layout.  Students will design a prototype and play-test among classmates, for collaborative feedback.  They will then design the final product of their own board game in a pizza box.   More rigor can be accommodated for High School aged students, syllabus/planning documents available for parents writing transcripts.

Mondays 12:30-1:30  gr.4-High

Unit Study/STEAM

Course Description

Students will work on a themed learning module that weaves in science, history, language, art and some math concepts-depending on the modules need. Fall '23 continues our Ancient Time Theme- using a Timeline, more in depth studies of Ancient Man, homemade tools for hunting and agriculture, footsteps of migration/habitation, agriculture, shelter explorations, domestication of plants and animals, and cultural traditions. The class price reflects a large expenditure for each child on materials for activities. This semester I'm planning to make an indigenous hide stretched hand drum with each child along with other things such as planting seeds, preparing flour, making our own paper/paper presses.  Depth of Unit Study can be accommodated for High School age range a Syllabus for transcript writing and options for appropriate work load given if asked for.

Students are typically given a writing prompt or learning sheet about the module for the day, which provide work samples for parents/ES. Students will be encouraged to participate in these work samples and will have lots of choices as to how- (write full paragraph story/journal, bullet points, pictures with bubbles/words, and/or lap book type foldable options, games), so even reluctant learner/writers will feel comfortable.

Participants work collaboratively on STEAM projects that are related to the themed learning module.

Ateam Cupertino: 20920 McClellan Rd, Cupertino, CA 95014

Registration link: https://ateamhomeschool.com/register-for-class/

Thursdays 9:20-10:30  gr. 2-Middle

Art Explorations: Paper

Course Description

This class will allow students to immerse themselves in a specific art form.  

Fall '23-theme will be paper. Each day we will explore a different type of art using paper.  Each type of art will be studied a bit first with samples and then kids will try their own hand in creation after inspiration. Students will have the chance to make paper pulp, make their own paper, learn about artists and organizations that make and print paper, we will learn origami and kirigami, and other paper folding and cutting techniques- like pop ups and puzzle foldables.  We will learn the art of papier mache to create 3D models, we'll learn from the works of Eric Carle about texturing and coloring paper and using it in collage, along with other styles of paper collage.  All materials are covered in the price of the class.

Thursday 10:40-11:50   gr.4-High

Worlds Largest Lesson: Sustainability

Course Description

Using the United Nations "World's Largest Lesson Plan" Curriculum, students will learn about the 17 sustainability goals for our world.  

"We promote use of the Sustainable Development Goals in learning so that children can contribute to a better future for all. From citizenship and justice to climate change and the environment, inspire children to make a difference!"

Explorations are guided with hands on activities and stories of how these goals interweave with each other and promote understanding for creating a better world.  All activities are presented in a way that is accessible to multiple age students.

There are 17 Goals designed and supported by the UN, we will explore most of them including but not limited to: No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Quality Education, Clean Water, Affordable and Clean Energy, Reducing Inequalities, Sustainable Cities, Responsible Consumption, Life below Water, Life on Land

Thursday 12:30-1:30   gr.2-Middle

Project Based Learning: Survive the Rainforest

Course Description

Project Based Learning in the Rainforest!   Students incorporate reading, writing, science, math, critical thinking, and problem solving skills in a fun, real-life context. In this PBL unit, your kids will love being SURVIVOR KID as they try to survive in the rainforest! Work will include the need to plan and budget, design a shelter, design a water filtration device, plan for animal and insect encounters, build a compass AND SO MUCH MORE!

As students work through this PBL, they will have the opportunity to make lots of decisions that will help to personalize their learning! Activities and tasks are easily differentiated to ensure that all 2nd through 6th grade students have an engaging learning experience.

Thursday 1:40-2:40    gr.4-Middle

Literature Circle/Interactive Notebooks

Course Description

Students will read and discuss an array of books. Approximately 2-3 books or short stories each semester.  Besides discussion of vocabulary and comprehension of the assigned reading chapters, mini-lessons on reading/writing skills will be completed together in an interactive notebook. Mini-lessons include topics related to standards for ELA including but not limited to: finding evidence in text, metaphor, simile, refining ideas, theme, characterization/character traits, symbolism, and descriptive, argumentative and process writing.  Interactive notebooks make great work samples, and they make learning ELA a bit more fun and accessible to reluctant writers.  Reading from a book will be encouraged, but students who struggle with reading are encouraged to listen to the book and maybe read along from a text or eBook.  Each week about 1-1.5 hours of reading will be required.  

Ideas for Books for Fall Semester include: Around the World in 80 days, My side of the Mountain and Wonder-