A Doula supports a family during childbirth and beyond. She is trained in different laboring positions, breathing techniques, and general childbirth education, to help the family prepare for  and cope through birth and early postpartum. She also supports the family after the birth to get used to their new way of life, by providing helpful resources based on individual needs.


Birth Doula Package $2500

~ On call for questions and mentoring as often as you’d like

~ Up to 4 hours of prenatal visits, one hour at beginning of service to discuss your wants, needs, preferences and then nearing middle to end of term to review everything you’ve learned up until this point and practice skills for birth.

~ Birth Art Session (if applicable) included in one of the prenatal visits

~ $10 off any service during your pregnancy and 6 months postpartum (includes gift certificates)

~ On call for your labor and birth

~ 1 Postpartum visit  

Hourly Birth Doula Services: $150 per hour

Sometimes parents may only want mentoring, guidance, and a little bit of encouragement as support from a trained professional, and are confident to be mostly alone.  I want to be flexible to this need and encourage parents to make the best choices for themselves by providing this service choice.  (10 hours minimum, not to exceed price of $2500) 

~On Call for your labor and birth 

~Prenatal Preparation together is required for me to get to know you and your birth preferences. (2 hours minimum, price taken off deposit at 1/2 hourly rate: $75 p/h)

~ $10 off any services during your pregnancy and 6 months postpartum (includes gift certificates)

~Postpartum Visit

Overnight Postpartum Doula Services: $75 per hour

Parents who need support either in hospital or at home in the first days and early weeks after birth.  This is especially helpful if parents have another child waiting at home and/or not a lot of family to support them in the early time after birth. Nights are sometimes hard to manage, I will stay at the Postpartum care unit of the hospital in room with birthing parent and baby lightly resting and being the main person who wakes with the baby, changes, and gets baby ready to feed, takes notes from nurses, and advocates for lactation support if needed.  I am also available to do this at home with the new family if they need.


Advantages of having a Doula:

  • 50% decrease in cesarean sections

  • 25% decrease in length of labor

  • 30% decrease in use of forceps

  • 40% decrease in use of oxcitocin

  • 60% decrease in use of epidurals

  • 30% decrease in use of pain 

     medications (narcotics)

  • Improved breastfeeding 

  • Decreased postpartum depression

  • Better mother-infant interaction

*compiled from Mothering the Mother, 

   by Klaus, Kennell, Klaus

Hello, I'm Mendy......

I became interested in working with pregnant and new families while I was practicing massage therapy, I especially liked doing prenatal and postpartum massage. I'd always considered becoming a midwife, but wanted to start my own family first. A client of mine was a doula teacher, and it only seemed natural for me to become a doula, to continue toward my dream of becoming a midwife. I've been practicing as a birth and postpartum doula now since 2002. I have a daughter born  in 2005, and a son born in 2008.  Although I’m busy as a mother, I stay active in my life’s work.  I like to focus my expertise to prenatal and postpartum services, so I’ve since trained as a Whole Birth prenatal yoga instructor, and a Birthing From Within childbirth mentor, and a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist.  I love to do art and ritual, so I do belly casting, and mother blessing ritual preparation as well!  I look forward to working with you on your journey!