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Doula Clients:

“Mendy was our doula, our coach and our sounding board for the birth of our twin girls. She brought a poise and confidence to our first birth experience that made it all we expected and more. Mendy's coaching was invaluable as we went from the birth of our first daughter to having our second daughter more than 5 hours later. With no family in the area, my husband and I could not have done it without her, and we are forever grateful for having her in our lives.”

Kelli Bravo, mother to Jadzia & Chiana

“As a 1st time father, I really didn't know what to expect especially when I found out we were having twins. We worked with Mendy before our birth, created a plan with her and had the opportunity to have her help us through not one but two births that day. Mendy was invaluable in helping us deal with all that goes on during a birth and keeping us grounded when faced with the extra complexity of having twins.”

Bill Bravo, father to Jadzia & Chiana

I would highly recommend Mendy as a birth doula.  As my prenatal yoga teacher, Mendy shared ideas and information that showed how knowledgeable she is about a pregnant mom’s physiology and the emotional aspects that go into labor and birth.  That was key in helping me feel comfortable with her as our doula.  

We couldn’t have chosen a better partner for our birth. Mendy was resourceful and creative in helping me deal with the challenges of my special circumstances (since my labor was induced a month before my due date, I had to stay on the hospital bed and was restricted to certain positions).  Her calm presence helped my husband and me keep a sense of humor through it all. With her guidance and support, I was able to avoid getting an epidural, which had been my desire from the outset. Mendy is dedicated and caring, and we would definitely use her again. 

Susan Wright

"Mendy was a fabulous Doula. For our second birth she was there for us, supporting, caring, so knowledgeable and loving. And with a sense of humour too (hey, given the circumstances, this is helpful!). We are so grateful to Mendy for helping us have the birth experience we wanted."

"Mendy provided just the support and care we needed at this exciting and stressful time.  It was a great relief to know we could put our confidence in her."

Childbirth Class Clients:

“thinking about the BFW class, there are so many things that were useful to us that we can't possibly name them all. we were really grateful for everything we learned - especially, all the avenues we were asked to explore, no matter how dark and unpleasant. after all, a cesarean birth was one of our "tigers". we felt a lot more prepared having talked through that experience before and reframing it. thank you, mendy!!”

My husband and I experienced a Birthing Again private session with Mendy in preparation for the birth of our 2nd daughter. In our 2 hour session, Mend expertly weaved together all the pieces we wanted to review to in a way that was fun, meaningful and organic. She gave us some new information,too, that we didn't catch the first time around and some helpful resources. We feel better prepared and would highly recommend Mendy!  -Elizabeth de Lorimier, www.TheFloweringGoddess.com

Placenta Benefits Clients:

I am feeling fantastic!  Milk production is great, energy is high, and mood is happy.  I can definitely tell a difference within 30 mins of taking a capsule.  If I was dragging before, I quickly regain my energy.   

Client “Kate” 1 week postpartum

I can really tell a difference in when I take them. They really do give me more energy, and I feel like I am able to concentrate a little better. I also notice that I get easily cold if I have not taken them. Both my husband and I feel that it was totally worth it and we are happy that we were able to use your services. If we ever have any more children we will definitely contact you again. 

Nicole: 1 month postpartum

I've been taking 2 placenta pills daily in the morning.  I didn't take them for about a week immediately after Saisha's birth because I had been getting over a cold when she was born, so I waited for it to pass.  I have to say I've had a great post-partum experience.  It's hard to know why, of course, but I think the placenta medicine must have contributed.  I also had great support with my husband and parents.  There were a few times in the first couple of weeks when I was weepy, but I guess I expected that.  Things since then have been great.  

As far as feedback goes ... I have to say you were very professional and came and went very silently, which was great since I was still exhausted and resting at that point.  My parents loved you.  They were very curious about this whole thing and were really impressed.  :)

Sahana: 2 months postpartum (vegetarian family)

Mendy did it (encapsulation) for us. She was very quick (we hadn't set it up ahead and the baby was 3 wks early), sanitary, and totally cleaned up after herself. We had a great experience with her.


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